I was wondering if anyone here had been able to successfully port his/her number from Boost to another provider.

I currently have Boost Mobile and want to switch to MetroPCS. I don't normally use any of the advanced features (I usually just make calls and occasionally I text), so I would only have to pay $40/month on MetroPCS compared with the $50/month I'm currently paying for Boost. Plus, MetroPCS offers some other features that I really like (such as landline Caller ID).

I went to my local MetroPCS store on Friday and I was told that I could buy a phone there and keep the number I currently have with Boost, that all I needed was the account number I have with Boost as well as a billing statement. It was quite easy to get a billing statement; I just had to log on to my Boost account online and print it. I've been reading, however, that calling customer service to get your account number from them isn't easy, that they give you a very difficult time about it (presumably because they know they're losing your business). I've also read in the Terms Of Service with Boost that they have a disclaimer saying they don't guarantee that a port to/from their company will be successful.

I don't want to lose my number there because I operate my own business with that number and have been doing so for years. So, I'm just wondering - has anyone ever been able to transfer their number away from Boost? Any advice on the process? Thanks in advance.

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