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Apple has begun to take pre-orders for the new iPad. Not only is Apple taking pre-orders for the new iPad, but the iOS 5.1 can now be downloaded and installed. Below are the prices for the new upcoming iPad.


16 GB Wi-Fi $499
32 GB Wi-Fi $599
64 GB Wi-Fi $699
16 GB Wi-Fi+4G $629
32 GB Wi-Fi+4G $729
64 GB Wi-Fi+4G $829


16 GB Wi-Fi $519
32 GB Wi-Fi $619
64 GB Wi-Fi $719
16 GB Wi-Fi+4G $649
32 GB Wi-Fi+4G $749
64 GB Wi-Fi+4G $849

Coming Soon as their Apple online store is currently down

Also mentioned above, is the iOS 5.1 operating system, that is now ready for you to download and install on your iDevices. Below are what you can expect from the iOS 5.1.

*Japanese language support for Siri (iPhone 4S only)
*Ability to delete photos from Photo Stream
*New camera shortcut always visible on the lockscreen, which can be dragged for unlocking your device directly into the camera app (iPhones only)
*Camera’s Face Detection now highlights all detected faces
*Camera app for the iPad has been redesigned
*Genius mixes and Genius playlists are now available for iTunes Match subscribers
*clearer and louder audio for TV shows and movies on iPad.
*30 second rewind added for iPad as well as podcast controls for playback speed.
*AT&T network indicator now shows 4G when in an HSPA+ area
*Battery life issues now fixed.
*Dropped audio on outgoing calls fixed.

You can install the iOS 5.1 by using your iTunes on computer or over-the-air. You may experience some sluggishness or slowness at first, due to the many people trying to download the new operating system all at the same time.
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