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Ok... Yes, they got me... OUCH!!!!!

As i sit here playing with it as i'm doing this review, i will start off with a few Quick Hits.

The phone's thickness is close to the DARE'S, even with the addition key board slide.

The data plan is unlimited access to the internet/email and includes GPS

The camera view and video view screen on the phone is in HD, its like looking at a plasma TV.

They have an app which was downloaded for me by a tech, where you can SCAN a bar code on an item, and google will search it and get its info... cool

You can speak into the phone and goggle will search the net... i gave it an audio search command.... CELL PHONE FORUM... GOGGLE SEARCHED... I touch the link and it navigated me to CELL PHONE FORUM HOME PAGE... and FAST!

The phone has a double lock, a button on the top of the phone which activates the screen, and then, with your finger... you slide the LOCK icon over to the other side of the screen to a speaker icon to unlock the touch screen... nice

The USB for charging and computer docking are the same as the DARE'S, and so is the car charger, i did have to get a larger landscape holster because its slightly longer than the Dare. The SD-card from my DARE was 8G which is compatible, but the DROID comes with a 16G

These are a few quick hits in first two hours of receiving the DROID, i will update this review as i explore my new phone as it happens.

Stay tune!!!

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