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Today is the day when the white version of the Motorola RAZR becomes available in the UK. The white version is SIM free, unlocked and can be purchased through Clove. The price of the white Motorola RAZR will be 382.80, VAT included. But, with the purchase of the white Motorola RAZR, you will also receive a free pair of folding speakers when you order from Clove.

The UK has had to wait a little while longer, from it's original launch date of February 22 to March 1, of the availability of the Motorola RAZR. and the device even comes with a pair of free folding speakers (apparently a 20 value).

via: http://www.unwiredview.com/2012/03/2...k-on-march-29/
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    I think this smartphone would be the rocking one as compared to other smartphones.

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