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For those who got a Motorola XOOM, you will be happy to know, that it is available for the LTE upgrade within 90 days. The Motorola Xoom is a 3G Android Honeycomb tablet and many have waited for the LTE upgrade.

The downside? You will have to ship your Xoom in for the upgrade and be without it for about a week. Motorola wanted to get the Xoom out as quick as possible and in doing so, had to put the Flash 10.1 and the 4G LTE chipset on hold. By sending in your Xoom, these two things will be installed.

The above photos show you how to package up your Motorola Xoom and ship it in, free of charge, by using a FedEx package.

via: Motorola Xoom Upgrade - Verizon Wireless

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