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The phones pictured above are smartphones and Xi data terminals to catch the consumers eye. Included along with the smartphones and Xi data terminals are also the Pro Series phones. These phones are brought by NTT Docomo, which showcases a bunch of unique and interesting handsets.

The Pro Series phones include: the L-03C phone which entices the consumer with its 12.1MP camera that has the optical 3x zoom lens as well as a high sensitivity CCD sensor. The L-O3C Pro Series handset will become available in January 2011. The second Pro Series handset is the SH-05C, which comes with a full touchscreen and comes equipped with a 14.1MP camera (Aquos Shot) with 3x zoom lens and has the capability of HD video. the SH-05C will be available from January to February of next year. The third Pro Series handset is the SH-06C. This handset comes with a mini projector and will become available in February.

The Xi data terminals will include the L-02C, which is said to go on sale in December and will bring improved gaming as well as video streaming. Another Xi data terminal is the F-06C, which will go on sale in April. This data terminal will bring amplified mobile video streaming as well as live video conferencing. The HW-01C and the Touch Wood SH-08C will also be sold and should start in November to December with the release of 15,000 units of the Touch Wood SH-08C.

Other handsets that will be offered are the water-resistant Regza phone T-01C, Optimus Chat L-04C, Lynx 3D SH-03C (Android powered) and the BlackBerry Curve 9300.

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