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There comes a time when we all need some kind of protection for our cell phones when in rainy or wet weather. Many of the phone protectors can be quite bulky but CleverWraps has designed the RingerWraps for cell phones to protect phones in environments where heavy rainfall can be a problem.

The coverwrap is nothing more than a sheath of plastic but is 100 percent recyclable. The wrap has a zip closure as well as a re-sealable tape to secure your handset. The RingerWrap doesn't have to be just for your phone. MP3's, smartphones, ipods and more can also benefit from the sheeted plastic protection. Three sizes are available and include: small, medium and large. You can grab your RingerWrap from CleverWraps website.

via: CleverWraps unravels RingerWraps for handsets - Mobiletor.com
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    OmegaWolf747 -
    Did they go out of business? I can't find RingerWraps available anywhere.

    See More: Article: CleverWraps's RingerWraps...Phone protection cover for rainy weather
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