I have a few ?'s...In one of the manuals that I have read for the
i285, it supposedly has a datebook function. I do not see this anywhere in
the phone, any ideas? I also see where this phone has voice dialing, I am
able to go into the contact and options and record the voice tag and press
done. However, when I go back into that contact it is gone and if I press
the speaker button it tells me that there are no voice tags trained. Any
ideas? Final ?...On other providers when one sends a sms or email their is
a sent copy saved in the phone, does Boost phones do this? Thanks for your
time and consideration in this matter. I emailed customer service and they
emailed me to call the Boost 1-888-Boost-4-U number. I called and was on
hold for an hour and the person was able to find the items listed but was
unable to assist me in any way with them, he even said he asked others. Is
there another number for Boost maybe in the USA here for technical

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