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Many of you who waited for the Samsung Galaxy S3 to make its debut might already know that at some point there were some rumors concerning the SGS3 and the possibility that it will come with wireless charging capabilities. During the handset's unveiling in London these rumors were confirmed but the manufacturer did mention that wireless charging accessories will not be available at the launch of the device.

In case you have waited for news concerning this particular feature then you might also know that Samsung has been rather quiet lately. However, Zens has just revealed that they plan on launching a wireless charging kit for Samsung's flagship phone.

The kit consists in a charging dock that you can place on the desk or table or wherever fits you best. It also comes with a back cover for the Samsung Galaxy S3 with which wireless charging becomes possible. The only downside to this whole package is that the new back cover is re-branded and instead of "Samsung" it says "Zens". It's not necessarily a problem but I know some of you out there might find this to be a disadvantage.

As far as pricing and availability of the charging kit goes, Zens has revealed that we will be able to buy their wireless charging package starting with September at the price of $80.

As to when will Samsung launch their own wireless charging pad remains to be seen, but word around the campfire is that their kit will enable the user to charge the phone without having to keep it on the pad, and will in fact charge the phone even if it's a few meters away from the pad. That remains to be seen.

For now you can make plans to buy the wireless charging kit from Zens (or not). Will you get one, or is $80 a bit too steep?

Source: Zens
Via: Droid Life