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    The good: Compact design; friendly user interface; decent multimedia device; Bluetooth stereo.

    The bad: Memory card slot not accessible from the outside; voice activation system not that useful; hollow-sounding audio.

    The bottom line: The ROKR Z6 isn't the most full-featured mobile device in the market but it should appeal to those looking for a trendy and compact phone that's easy to use.

    - i just got this phone and am loving it. However, i have seen on here that people are upset because of a microcard sd problem. if you look on the top of the phone there should be a slot for one.

    See More: motorola Z6 sd card slot

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    Re: motorola Z6

    From a review of the Moto ROKR Z6:

    All of these applications and media files require storage space. The Z6 has 64MB of built-in storage and the ability to add up to 2GB of storage by inserting a microSD card in the slot located under the battery compartment cover. The card can be swapped without turning off the phone.

    My Moto RIZR Z6tv , which is very similar to the Z6, has the microSD slot on the top (which makes it even easier to access).
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