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    The iPhone 4 is arguably the best smartphone on the market. It's build quality puts others to shame, it has a style all of its own, its operating system is the easiest and slickest to use, its app store is unsurpassed, and it has some class leading features. Just be prepared to pay for the privilege.

    Apple touts its Retina Display screen as having the same resolution as the human eye. I’m not qualified to take on the human-eye statement, but this is easily the best screen I’ve seen on a smartphone.

    The screen uses a denser pixel arrangement – though they have the same size screen, the iPhone 4 is 960 x 480, the 3GS is 480 x 320 – to create more-detailed images and text. As a result, text is sharper and easier to read than on any other phone I’ve seen. You’ll notice the improved text quality most when reading emails, websites, or books via apps like Kindle or iBooks. Reading on the relatively small screen of the smartphone is now much more pleasant.

    While the screen is a breakthrough, the iPhone 4 also adds some long-desired camera features, including a 5-megapixel camera and camera flash, which produce great-looking images.

    Beyond those additions, Apple equipped the iPhone 4 with two cameras. The back camera records 720p HD video, while the user-facing camera is used with the FaceTime video chat feature. FaceTime’s limitations make it more for show than daily use right now, but it’s pretty neat.

    Specifications iPhone 4

    Style Candy Bar

    Screen Size 3.5

    Physical Keyboard No

    Touchscreen Yes


    Style Candy Bar

    CPU 1GHz Apple A4

    Screen Size 3.5

    Screen Resolution 640x960

    Touchscreen Yes

    Physical Keyboard No

    Height 115.2

    Width 58.6

    Depth 9.3

    Weight 137

    Talk Time 420

    Standby Time 300

    Internal Storage 16/32

    Camera 5

    Front Facing Camera 0.6

    Video Camera 720p @ 30fps

    Camera Flash LED

    Coverage (Band) Quad

    Bluetooth Yes

    Radio No

    WiFi Yes

    3G Yes

    Email Yes

    3.5mm Headphone Jack Yes

    App Store App Store

    USB No

    GPS Yes

    Unlock Your iPhone 4 from Vodafone United Kingdom with Sim-Unlock.net.
    It's very easy and fast way to permanently unlock Your iPhone 4.

    Our method is done directly from Apple database, it is a FULL UNLOCK.

    For iPhone 4, there will not be unlock code, it simply will be recognized by iTunes as unlocked, just after you receive the unlock confirmation message from Sim-Unlock.net on e-mail.

    All version firmware and baseband are supported:









    To make an order for permanently unlock iPhone 4 from Vodafone United Kingdom go to this link Permament Unlock iPhone network Vodafone UK.

    Time to unlock is 2-7 days.

    When iPhone ready, you will be notified by email that the process has completed. When you receive email from Sim-Unlock.net, to complete the unlock please do the following:

    1. Install the latest version of iTunes

    2. Make sure iPhone is using the latest version, updated by the official itunes software

    3. Insert a non accepted SIM card and Connect the iPhone to iTunes

    4. Wait until itunes detects the phone

    5. After about 10-20 seconds, disconnect phone and reconnect.

    6. Finally itunes will show the message "Congratulations Your iPhone is Unlocked"

    Now You can use Your iPhone 4 from Vodafone United Kingdom with all sim cards from all the World like Telenor, O2, Orange, T-mobile, Telia, Hutchison etc.

    If You don't know network Your iPhone, You can check it for free with Sim-Unlock.net on this link iPhone check network

    See More: How to permanently unlock iPhone 4 using iTunes from Vodafone United Kingdom

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    Re: How to permanently unlock iPhone 4 using iTunes from Vodafone United Kingdom

    This post is very useful for me,this is the actual info. I needed.

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