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    Anyone having problems with Sprint charging Casual Data Usage fees that YOU didn't use??? We have Sprint unlimited text and picture mail. Web access is blocked and we are still being billed anywhere from $60 - $100 a month extra in Casual Data Usuage fees. Just wondering if anyone else out there is having these extra charges too.

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    Re: Sprint Casual Data Usage BOGUS charges

    We have sprint and the so called "unlimited texting, picture and video mail" So for a over a year now I have been having data usage charges on my bill..I call and complain and they have taken it off but only after talking to many different people usually floor supervisors..they have told me I must be using the internet to surf (I refuse to have anything to do with using a cell phone in that way) to when I receive a picture mail from another persons phone that I must be downloading to open it. To I am not sending the picture mail correct. I have gone twice at their request to a sprint store tech to figure it out and he said nothing I am doing uses data including saving to my memory card..So he wrote a note saying I shouldn't be charged data at all..So I called sprint again took the charge off our bill. Then they put me in touch with a sprint tech support person so they could make sure I won't be charged..I went through the whole thing with her..and here is what she said."If you save picture mail to your memory card you are definitely using data and that is where your charges are coming from. I am sorry that you have been told over and over again that this is not using data for this service but you are." I told her and her supervior that they need to inform and educate their customer services people as they are telling people that the data usage charge is not being used in saving pictures to your phones memory card. She informed me that there is a online sprint.com/picturemail where all your pictures received are located..and sure enough there they were...So now I will see if data usage charges show up on my bill again...Also did you know that there is a wrong and right way to send picture mail...there is..so hope this answers other peoples questions.
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    Re: Sprint Casual Data Usage BOGUS charges

    I'm in a BBB dispute with Sprint over this. I've been getting these charges once every 4-6 months, but never higher than $4. They've always credited it, but like the user above, I've been given multiple reasons for the charges all saying that I did something wrong. I went about a year without the charges, and then this past bill it was $29. I had Sprint block my data, and I made an appointment at a Sprint store where the tech and manager verified I did not access data other than picture mail.

    I talked with an exec yesterday regarding my BBB complaint, and she verified that the data to send and receive picture mail is recorded separate from the casual data and is not charged with unlimited picture mail. However, she listed six times in one day that her records show I accessed data not included in my plan. After I talked with her, I looked the times over more closely… they were all exactly 1 hour and 50 minutes apart throughout the day when I was at work with my phone in my pocket.

    Right now we’re working on pulling my detailed data report (Sprint keeps detailed data usage records that only the owner of the phone can get copies of. I have to sign and notarize a release form to get them.) We’ll see what it says when it comes in. The exec is still insisting it’s something I’m doing wrong, but I don’t know how they’re going to explain these evenly spaced charges…
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    Re: Sprint Casual Data Usage BOGUS charges

    Great work; Please post back with your results
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    Re: Sprint Casual Data Usage BOGUS charges

    According to a Sprint representative as of April 12, 2012, you can now have a data block put on you phone just by calling them and asking. It will no longer stop you from being able to receive picture mail. Before this date they were somehow connected and "casual data charges" were being added to bills that did not use any other internet services other than the pic mail text add on.

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