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    Attention Sprint Unlimited plan users: (and future potential customers)

    I would like to share with you the experience I just had with Sprint

    I had the family share unlimited plan for $129.99 all inclusive, two lines. With that, I have an employer discount which comes off that total before taxes.

    On this last billing cycle, Sprint reduced that amount to $110.00, but added it as a "second Line" charge that is AFTER the discount. The net result is I loose the discount on that $20 and also the gross amount for tax charges, so I pay more in taxes.

    Sprint's reply was that "they are business and have to make business decisions" That's it. They did this in a very unethical manner, in my opinion. What would stop them from doing $60 in this manner? Nothing.

    They tried to tout their overall plan as "still being better" and that they "don't slow down the service" They are obviously trying to use the recent ATT issue as a justification to make arbitrary changes to the billing.

    When I brought up the two year contract obligation, they said that since they changed the method, I am free to change service without having the early termination fee. But I would probably have to shell out for a new phone, as this one is probably tied to Sprint

    Sprint data is not any faster than the others that I have seen from friends. The amount of users inherintly slows the system, so it has the same affect as ATT purposely slowing down the system.

    The way it was done is what irritates me the most. They did not increase the rate, just moved a portion to a different line item so it makes them more money, as well as the implication that since they are so much better, I have to bend over and take it. It is not the money, but the principle.

    I am going to switch and I would urge anyone on here to be wary of this type of shady practice on Sprint's part.

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    Re: Sprint Billing changes

    I too received my bill and saw the $5-6 increase. Obviously, I am not happy! I call Sprint and explained to them the the discount was instrumental to my selecting them as my cell phone provider and that they need to honor the discount on the full $129.99 rate. They said no, but that I am entitled to a 1 time $25 bill credit or that I am free to switch to another carrier. They'd rather lose my business than honor they're commitment. (Great business practice -- Netflix anyone?) And by the way, if I had breached the contract, they'd charge me early termination fees. If they breach the contract, too bad!

    So why do they think they can bully the customer like this? Answer: The cell phone companies are oligarchs...three major service providers, very little competition, no real negotiation, etc. Congress should pass legislation to give more power to the consumer! Unfortunately, that will never happen as Corporations have rights and doing so would be deemed "Anti-Business" and "Job-Destroying". Corporations own America!

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    Re: Sprint Billing changes

    Has anyone had luck? same thing here w/decreasing the base price thats discountable but sliding that extra non discountable price elsewhere, how about sending something to the FCC PUC?

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