If you already have a Tracfone you can get 200 bonus minutes when you use a
1 year card. The Promo Code is 54293 and should be good till 12/31/06.

If you don't yet have a Tracfone you can get 570 minutes by sending an email
saying "bonus 570" to
tracfone AT alex4all.com

You will receive an email from the Tracfone company. You can use this email
to get a free Tracfone cell phone when you buy an airtime card. For example
you can get a 1 year card with 250 minutes. Use this email to activate your
phone by clicking on number 2. Then click on number 3 to get 100 free

So here are all the minutes you get.
You get 20 minutes when you activate the phone online.
You get 100 free minutes by clicking number 3 in the email.
You get a 250 minute airtime card.
You get 200 bonus minutes by using Promo Code 54293 when you use the airtime
So you end up with 570 minutes.


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