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    Hey guys,

    I hope someone can help me. I need to find the name that goes with a certain cell phone number. I have pretty much given up on reverse cell phone look ups.

    I have a new idea. This is where I would need your help. Is there a way to call the provider (which I found out is Cingular) and get them to give me the info?

    Like could I call, enter in the number when prompted, and when a rep gets on the line, I could somehow get them to say something like "Hello Mr. So-and-so", or "am i speaking with Mr. So-and-so?"

    I am not a cingular customer, so I don't know what to expect when calling. Hope you guys can help!!

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    Re: reverse cell phone number

    It’s always better to use a website that provides paid reverse cell phone lookup services; since it needs a lot of money to maintain a proper cell phone number database. And, so those who claim to conduct cell phone lookup at free of cost are all bogus; they charges money afterward. There are several sites that provide the most reliable fast and accurate result for minimum charges. You may use AAfter to get a comprehensive list of such sites. Just put the number in the search box and get it done.

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