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Rumors about the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 tablet have not surfaced for quite some time, and the main reason for this is probably the fact that the Google Nexus Tablet -which made its appearance at this year's Google I/O event- pretty much stole the spotlight.

Last time we heard about the Kindle Fire 2 was about two months ago when word around the campfire was that the manufacturer decided to drop the 8.9 inch form factor in favor of a larger 10.1 inch screen.

Now that the Google Nexus 7 has been officially unveiled alongside its specifications, price and release date, the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 surfaces once again.

The latest rumor surrounding Amazon's tablet comes from Cnet's sources who claim that the Kindle Fire 2 will be launched on the market on July 31. Furthermore they also revealed some technical specifications, mainly the fact that the device will offer 8 GB of internal storage and will lack a rear-facing camera (same as the Google Nexus 7), and that it will feature physical hardware volume control buttons.

Since the Nexus 7 tablet is already available for pre-order with a release date planned sometime mid-July, a launch of the Kindle Fire 2 by the end of next month should be very interesting. Unfortunately, for now we can't say for sure whether or not Amazon's tablet will be a worthy competitor to Google's Nexus, mainly because the device's exact specifications and price are still unknown. Nevertheless, an affordable 10.1 inch tablet sounds very appealing. Which one would you rather pick?

Source: Cnet
Via: PocketNow