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One of the biggest complains concerning the HTC One X is the fact that it comes with an awkward on-screen legacy-menu button.

Long story short, the One X comes with three capacitive buttons specific to Ice Cream Sandwich and an on-screen menu button that's usually seamlessly implemented within the interface of an application. This is basically a regular ICS layout but it has also haunted the HTC One X ever since it has been launched. The problem is that due to the fact that not many app developers have updated their apps in order to meet these standards, an ugly black bar with three dots is taking 48 pixels in height from the bottom of the HTC One X screen. This bar acts as a menu button but leads to a pretty faulty user interface, a "smaller" screen and it drove some people away from the One X.

However in truth, the menu bar problem is not really HTC's doing, but the doing of those developers who have decided not to update their apps according to the new ICS layout. Nevertheless, since many people now associate the faulty menu-button with the HTC One X, the manufacturer had to take action and has finally launched an update that fixes the problem.

HTC One X Update

The new update is now available for download on AT&T's HTC One X and those of you who own this particular device should definitely grab it while it's hot. On short, HTC managed to work around the menu button problem by adding an option in the Settings > Display menu that will allow the user to set the "Recent Apps" capacitive button on the One X to act as a menu button when it's pressed for a prolonged period of time.

It's a simple but much needed fix to this whole fiasco with the menu bar. It's not the most elegant one but as an HTC One X owner I can safely say that it comes as a breath of fresh air and I hope that this particular fix will be available on other One X variations as soon as possible.

Via: Android Central