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    What is the best, lowest cost cell service provider that provides ALL of the following?
    - No contract - month-to-month service
    - Unlimited calls, texts, internet
    - Keep existing cell phone #
    - Flexibility in using overseas

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    Re: What is the best cell service provider?

    I ve not heard any provider having those mentioned. But i like Vodafone...

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    Re: What is the best cell service provider?

    Boost mobile, the reason being, is the SIM card, so you can go overseas and pickup a local SIM card over there.

    If you want truly unlimited its $50/month
    Or there are plans with lower minutes that still have the unl data/text with Virgin Mobile but no international calling.

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    Re: What is the best cell service provider?

    You might try Simple Mobile it fits all your requirements as long as the phone you have is gsm.

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    Re: What is the best cell service provider?

    Almost any carrier gives an option for mtm contract status. You simply lose the hardware credit tied to the commitment level. Be careful when looking at your preferred carriers. Unlimited is very rarely unlimited and has been known to smack users with a hefty bill. Read the fine print! Number portability can be achieved with most of the major carriers. Because of your desire for overseas travel. I would definitely go with a GSM network provider, and depending on your frequency of travel would at least recommend unlocking your phone so that you can use a european sim when you are abroad. Depending on the cell phone package you have here would determine how you handle forwarding of calls.
    Hope that helps. The GILL Tech Team!

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    Re: What is the best cell service provider?

    PlatinumTel Real Paygo Plan. Is the best out there and right now they have a free phone offer when you buy a $100 Real Paygo card Here check them out Prepaid Wireless Cell Phone Service, Pay As You Go - PlatinumTel

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