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    How do I print text messages from my phone? I know I can forward to my email and print but I do not want to lose the information from the sender, ie the number it originalLY came from. Do I have to save to one of those memory cards and upload it to my computer? Will the information appear as it does in my phone inbox. I need to capture the senders information and not just show a fwd message from my phone.

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    Re: Print text messages...PLEASE HELP!!!

    i don't use my DARE any long since upgrading to the DROID so i can't explore that possibility. You'll have to see your options with the text itself, i don't know if it could be moved to the card.

    If i press a text message on my DROID and option list appears with a copy/paste option, but it doesn't copy the complete details of the text message.

    Your only option would be to take a photo of the display message on your screen with a separate device/camera
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