The following will explain how to get your contacts from your old Motorola phone to your new Motorola Droid Pro. This will work if you have service on your Motorola phone still or not.

If you have previously backed up your phone using Verizon Backup Assistant, see these instructions:

Step 1
  • Download Bitpim: Welcome to BitPim
  • Connect your phone to you computer using a USB data cable (or bluetooth) (make sure you have the proper drivers installed for you phone)
  • In BitPim go to Edit > Detect Phone - if BitPim can't detect your phone check to make sure BitPim can 'see' the phone - Select Settings and Browse to see what is showing up on the com ports - if your phone isn't showing up go to Start > Control Panel > Device Manager > Ports and see if there is an error. If there is you don't have the correct drivers installed.
  • Once you get your phone detected in BitPim go to Data > Get Phone Data
  • Select the data you want to import - in this case the phonebook
  • You should see data populate the PhoneBook area
  • Go to File > Export > vCards - save the file to somewhere known (like your desktop)

Step 2
  • Log Into your Gmail account
  • Click Contacts in the left menu
  • Click Import in the top right
  • Choose file and select the vcard file you just saved (add them to a group if you want)
  • Click Import
  • Your contacts will be imported into your Gmail account

Step 3
  • On your Droid make sure you have connected your Gmail account
  • Go to contacts > Menu > Accounts
  • Select your Gmail account > Menu > Sync Now
  • Your new contacts will be imported - Any duplicates should be merged.

Currently supported Motorola Phones:
V3m (Sprint)


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