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    Amelia Sen
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    Re: Sony Ericsson Customer Service - your experiences.....

    They are really helpful.satisfied with their help.

    See More: Sony Ericsson Customer Service - your experiences.....

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    Re: My experience was pretty good.

    Thats good idea !

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    Re: Sony Ericsson Customer Service - your experiences.....


    I have always been a fan of Sony products and have been quite actively purchasing the same. This all seems to be changing since I, for the first time had the need to get some customer service due to the product malfunctioning.

    I recently bought a Bluetooth MW600 in the month of May, 2011. Initially it worked fine but very soon it started giving trouble. First one ear plug stopped working, then the other and finally the Bluetooth itself stopped working. Unfortunately when the first ear plug stopped working, I thought I saw that the wire to that ear piece got borken somehow so did something which I could have avioided; cut the wire towards one earpiece and try and join the wires again. Unfortunately it did not work. Within a day or two of that, the second earplug stopped working. Soon I realised that the problem was with the entire piece so went to the Service centre where they agreed to take in the Bluetooth but not the headphone. On my arguing that although this is tampered according to the strictest norms, they should appreciate that even the non tampered ear plug is not working thus give me a solution. They said it was not in their hands and requested me to talk to Sony Ericsson Support Centre. I spoke to someone who put me onto a gentleman called Rohin. This person claimed to be a senior resource and promised to call me the next day.When I did not hear from him for over a week, I tried calling him but he never came on the line but I was told that he will call back. Finally today some otheor person Mr. Dheeraj Joshi told me in plain words that this cannot be done. It is rather sad that a company as large and renowned as Sony has to get down to the level of using techincal words to hide poor quality. I am attaching the pictures to show that the headphone was simply cut in one plug and that if it was alright than the other ear plug should have been working.

    The second case is that After the bluetooth I bought an Xperia X 10. Along with the phone the headphones I got were the button type which are typically one of the better Sony Headphones. Unfortunately these simply do not fit my ear. Thus even without using them, I requested Mr. Rohin and then Mr, Joshi to at least change these headphones to behind the ear clip ones as at least then between the two headphones, one will be the kind I can use, specially since I do long distance running but again I got a negative answer.

    I have in the past had expereinces of Service centres of some large companies but must say this is by far the worst. I do hope Sony seniors are listening and they can step in and redeem their value in my eyes if they think an individual customer is important.



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    Re: Sony Ericsson Customer Service - your experiences.....

    i would like to complaint about bad customer service center experience at salem "SATCOM CELLULAR SERVICES" . I have given my phone Sony ericsson live with walkman model for a problem ( it got wet ) which was not at all switching on. when i gave it to them for service they have charged me 2400rs and when asked for a bill, they fail to produce it. they gave me back saying all problems fixed in my phone, but still it was not at all working properly. again i went to service center they took my complaint but still they have not serviced my phone. it has been more than two and half weeks. but still they have not returned my phone. please help me with this issue.

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