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    Well I currently have no phone but I am going to join my cousins family plan on T-Mobile. I've heard a lot of good from the new HTC One S and Now I really want it. What would be the price of the One S if I were to make a new line and Add it to the family plan? Is it the same price as of I'm making a 2-year contract? And what would the price be in best buy if I adds the new line and bought the One S? Please help!

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    Re: PLEASE HELP ME! HTC One S pricing?

    You'll have to check Cell Phones | 4G Phones | Android Phones | T-Mobile for current pricing.

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    Re: PLEASE HELP ME! HTC One S pricing?

    Your best bet will be to check out T-Mobile's website directly. The final price of the phone will depend on whether you sign a contract for that line or not and if you do, whether you sign the one year contract or the two year contract. Also, all these major cell phone carriers frequently run sales, so today's price for that phone could be higher or lower than the price on the day you decide to buy it.

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    Re: PLEASE HELP ME! HTC One S pricing?

    the prices for those phones tends to change quite often though... Plus i would wait to see if they re going to have vday sale this year

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