How-To: Access the YouTube App and Search for Videos.

1. Press the "Apps" icon found on the Home screen.
2. Select "YouTube".
3. Tap the video you wish to watch. While watching a YouTube video you have access to a number of actions such as:

- Pause or resume playback by tapping the video screen.
- Jump to a different part of the video by dragging the slider.
- Learn more about the current video, see a list of videos related to the one you're watching or check user submitted comments by pressing the Tab.

NOTE*: To return to the main screen press the "YouTube" icon.

Searching for YouTube videos:

1. Tap the "Search" icon on the YouTube main screen.
2. Type in the search criteria then press "Enter".
3. Browse through the results and tap the video you wish to watch. Optionally you can filter the results to show videos posted in at a certain time period by pressing "All time" and selecting the desired option.

How-To: Clear YouTube Search History and Share a Video Link.

Clearing the search history:

1. While on the YouTube main screen press the "Menu" icon.
2. Select "Settings".
3. Press "Search settings.
4. Select "Clear search history".

Sharing a video:

1. While on the video screen press the "Share" icon.
2. Select the desired method of sharing.

How-To: Capture a Video and Share it on YouTube.

1. While on the YouTube main screen press the icon depicting a video camera.
2. Tap the "Record" icon depicted as a video camera when you wish to start capturing the video.
3. Tap the "Stop Recording" button when ready, and then press the "Checkmark" icon.
4. Type in the desired title and description for the video, add tags, local information and set the preferred privacy level.
5. When ready, tap the "Upload" button.

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