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    Re: Every Nokia Phone Ever Made (Time Line)

    my favorite nokia phone in the 90's is 7110, that click and snap was so cool back then

    See More: Every Nokia Phone Ever Made (Time Line)

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    Re: Every Nokia Phone Ever Made (Time Line)

    wow! thanks for the effort..

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    Re: Chaque téléphone Nokia Ever Made (Time Line)

    Text automatically translated from: Portuguese to: French
    NOKIA est vraiment trop cool, la peine d'acheter,
    cela montre l'histoire de NOKIA, NOKIA amant est si utile.

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    Re: Every Nokia Phone Ever Made (Time Line)

    Really nice sharing!!!I like it!!Its very benificial information for me...

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    Re: Every Nokia Phone Ever Made (Time Line)

    nice article
    your guide to make free calls from internet to any mobile phone and send free sms

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    Re: Every Nokia Phone Ever Made (Time Line)

    You forgot the Nokia M11TXE (MTXC) circa 1993(?). I have one, and the original receipt says 1993, although I'm not entirely sure.

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    Re: Every Nokia Phone Ever Made (Time Line)

    there are lots of models taht i can see. thanks for the table you have added...

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    Re: Every Nokia Phone Ever Made (Time Line)

    Nokia Asha 303 comes pre-loaded with applications such as Angry Birds Lite, Mobile TV with Zenga TV, Whatsapp, NokiaMaps and Nokia Music Unlimited. The phone is available in red and graphite colours.
    Nokia has partnered with Vodafone India to provide attractive data offers for the mobile phone.
    For the first time Nokia is the only mobile phone maker who has given Zenga TV live and Exclusive and totally free of cost at a very affordable mobile cost. Nokia has again proved that for all modern mobile phone features and super fastest internet on mobile you don’t need to push up a heavy cost like others.
    Asha 303 is the perfect mobile phone with live TV, super fast internet, 32 GB memory and One touch app access.
    Also the IPL matches are streamed live on Asha 303 mobile phones, Basically the cricketing fans, students, youngsters and almost all those who need to watch live cricket during any odd hours can watch live ILP on their Asha 303.
    Asha 303 has also unrevealed some more features like the Angry birds game pre-installed.
    Apart from all such features there is one more very important and interesting features and that’s called Facebook chat App. It’s totally free and a one click to login and chat. Nokia I also looking forward to bring out an App for Video chat and Video calls which will be totally free.
    Nokia is on its way for a very big break on the Mobile phone and Mobile phone Apps Industry. The Asha 303 is just a demonstration of what Nokia is doing for the betterment of the mankind with affordable prices to serve each and every layman with latest gadgets and technology usage ability.
    Nokia is the first and the best phone maker to taught the whole world to carry a mobile and do many helpful activities on mobile.
    Nokia is therefore well known for its best hardware materials and superb customer care centre across every tiny village and cities round the globe.
    DRM(free) like free pre-installed features does have 40 million free music tracks and movies and whatsapp in a one way direct access to the OVI apps world. OVI is popular for having the largest number of free apps, games utilities and resources and also increasing day by day. Basically with the Asha 303 gives the full advantage to use the OVI because with the Touch and type feature, every odd app could be phone compatible.
    The internet with the S40 designed OS and 1 GHz processor with 32 GB memory is incredible. The internet is much faster like a PC with 6 MBPS speed. The download speed works like a 3g speed server even on a 2g network. Nokia Asha 300 has got many things to discuss.
    In the forth coming time Asha 303, will be receiving some great OS updates that will give access to real time traffic updates and a intelligent camera with pure view output.
    Nokia has said there is not limit of updates to Asha 303, they would be lately announcing some more fabulous features on the Asha series of 303 phones.

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    Re: Every Nokia Phone Ever Made (Time Line)

    Why does the list stop at 2007?

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    Re: Every Nokia Phone Ever Made (Time Line)

    This text was not translated, because it is originally in French Nokia model overload LOL

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