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    I wonder if our company can eliminate a lot of 800- number traffic by simply using cell phones. We get a LOT of 800 calls, all from specific users over which we have some control, but limited.

    Specifically, is there a cell phone that is both inexpensive AND can be limited so it will only call one or a few pre-selected numbers?



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    Re: Cell Phones Delete 800 ###?

    I'm not sure if this helps or not, but a while back I had seen commercials for tmobile I think where parents could buy this phone for their kids and load like 5 numbers into it and that was all it would have. But i'm not exactly certain what carrier or plan or whatnot it was.
    Hopefully someone else knows what I am talking about as well

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    Re: Cell Phones Delete 800 ###?

    Twitchy is thinking about this I think
    Firefly Mobile: Firefly Phone
    It can be used with cingular as well.
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    Re: Cell Phones Delete 800 ###?

    Quote Originally Posted by WestofLeft
    Specifically, is there a cell phone that is both inexpensive AND can be limited so it will only call one or a few pre-selected numbers?
    I'm sure Sprint isn't the only service provider with a "Special Numbers" feature on their phones (yeah that's what they call it, funny huh)... My LG PM225 and Samsung A840 both have a setting where you can program numbers to be "always available", then the phone can be locked from the Security menu. Then, the phone can only be used to make or receive calls from your "special numbers" while locked. It's a good feature for giving your kids a phone and not having them brutalize your phone bill, but I guess in your case it would be an excellent solution!

    You can call Sprint Business Solutions (you will most likely get through directly to a person) and ask them about phones that have this feature. I know for a fact the Samsung A840, LG PM225, and LG PM325 all have this feature, the first two usually are given away free or cheap with new contracts! Here's that number, 877.812.1223 and don't forget to ask them if your company or its employees qualify for any monthly service discounts.

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