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    Are there any carriers which allow, without extra surcharge, texting to canada?

    My best friend lives in Windsor (approx 5 min north of Detroit) and...she can text me all she wants, but I cannot text her.

    Any plans? In the northwest US?


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    Re: Texting Canada from the US

    T-Mobile doesn't surcharge. Check the carrier websites to see if that applies for other carriers.

    Alternatively, get your best friend a prepaid T-Mobile phone. She can text at normal T-Mobile rates, although using the phone for talking will be expensive in Canada (69 cents/min).

    Incidentally, Windsor is south of Detroit. Check a map! It's a weird geographical anomaly.
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    Re: Texting Canada from the US

    I used to live in Canada and moved to the US. I found this application--Chime that registers you a number for free and lets you send free texts to and from Canada. i bleieve the website is Chime Now (can also get it on your iphone )

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