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    Unfortunately you can't just set music you've purchased from Google Play directly as a ringtone with your Android phone. There are a couple things you have to do first...

    On your computer:
    1. Go to Google Play web player online
    2. Hover your mouse over a song or click on an album.
    3. To select multiple songs*, hold down the ‘Shift’ key and select another song in the list to select a range of songs. To multi-select individual songs throughout the list, hold down the ‘Ctrl’ (Windows) or‘Command’ (Mac) key while selecting.
    4. Click the Download button in the top righthand corner of the screen.

    You can download each track from the web 2 times.
    *Please note that if the group of songs you select contains songs that have already been downloaded twice, these songs will be skipped and you will be prompted to use the Google Play Music Manager instead.

    (via Download music from your library - Google Play Help)

    Copy the files to your phone & make the ringtones/notifications
    1. Connect your phone to your computer via usb cable or insert the microsd card for the phone into a card reader
    2. Locate the files you just downloaded to your computer
    3. Copy the files to the ringtone/notification folder on the phone/microsd card. It should be something like sdcard/ringtones or sdcard/notifications
    4. Download & install Ringtone Maker from Google Play
    5. Follow the directions in the app to make the song into a ringtone/notification

    See More: Use music that you purchased in Google Play as Ringtone/Notification
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    Re: Use music that you purchased in Google Play as Ringtone/Notification

    If you have Google Drive on your PC and on your device you can download the music tracks via Google Music Manager into a Drive folder. Then on your device use a file manager like Astro to copy/move the files from the Drive folder to your ringtone, alarm sounds or notification sound folders. These folders can be found @ storage/alarms, storage/notifications and storage/ringtones. The tracks will then appear in your devices menus for choosing the tones.

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    Re: Use music that you purchased in Google Play as Ringtone/Notification

    Thanks for sharing this useful guide, now people can get the music from their Google play accounts and make it a their ringtone.

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