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    I just got a HTC Touch Diamond (1 wk ago) and I am constantly getting a warning telling me that my storage memory is critically low and that I need to delete files. The internal memory has lots of space available. I have my pictures and music to the internal memory. I need help where to look to delete things from the storage memory, how to move from the storage memory to the internal memory, etc.

    I tried going back to the store where I got the phone, but none of the sales reps have it so no one was able to help me.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
    Debra M

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    Re: how to fix critically low storage memory

    Am sorry to sound pessimistic ...HTC aint all that swanky as much as it looks...battery levels are horrendous as well...why dont you contact HTC care or something ? the sales reps wont help much ...

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    Re: how to fix critically low storage memory

    on my HTC I usually store as much on my SD card as i Can and I have cleartemp installed so that I can manually clear the temp files and have it setup to clear them on a softboot as well since yes they have nice storage for files but the space allocated for the OS fills with junk with no built in clean up.

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    Re: how to fix critically low storage memory

    thanks man

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