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    I currently have 2 Samsung Impressions on my plan with unlimited text. I need to upgrade or replace phone due to issues with device. I am looking for a similar phone that does not require data plan. I have heard that if i buy another smartphone and insert my Sim, ATT will see that it is a smartphone and add a data plan.

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: ATT upgrade without data

    Your current phones are not smartphones. You should look for Quick Messaging Devices if you want a hardware or virtual keyboard without the smartphone designations.
    Check here for current choices: Quick Messaging Phone Deals and Packages - Shop - from AT&T
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    Re: ATT upgrade without data

    Thanks for the link. I have been checking and i think i will purchase a couple new Impressions rather than upgrading and extending my contract. The Impression has been a great phone and my wife has no trouble using it. It also has better camera than those listed in the link. My wife uses that alot.

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