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A couple days ago, it was reported that Nokia had a Batman-themed Nokia Lumia 900, that would launch in a couple markets. At that time, the there were no details on launch date, price or what the "Edition" would be named.

We now have info, that the Batman themed Nokia Lumia 900 device will be called, " The Dark Knight Rises." The Nokia Lumia 900 "The Dark Knight Rises," will become available on June 1, at Phones4U and will be priced at £599.95 unlocked or free on plans that start at £31 a month.

The Batman logo will appear on the back of the device and will come in the black color. "The Dark Knight Rises" handset will be available, both online and in certain UK flagship stores. And if this doesn't excite you, Phones4U is offering 2 tickets to see The Dark Knight Rises in theaters when you purchase the Nokia device through the month of June. The Dark Knight Rises is expected to hit theaters July 20.

For all you Batman and Nokia Lumia 900 fans, you can go to Phones4U and pre-order your handset now.

via: http://wmpoweruser.com/phones-4u-rel...-availability/