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Huawei è una di quelle società "shooting star" dalla Cina che sembra conoscere la loro roba. Essi hanno grandi progetti per il mercato degli Stati Uniti smartphone e il Huawei ascendere P1 is a Valiant effort. It may not be as good as a Samsung on specs, but the price will reflect that. This handset is supposed to also get a LTE modello presto.

La schermata di Huawei Ascend P1 è luminoso e chiaro, ma non gestisce in alta definizione compiti. I numeri il punto di 256 PPI ( pixel per pollice ) di densità. Dal confronto di un iphone di 326 PPI, così è facile vedere la differenza. Huawei ha Craft lo schermo da Super AMOLED, non LCD, so the screen will use less battery power. The size of the display is 4.3 inches of digital real estate and comes covered with Corning Gorilla glass for durability. The size of the screen is in between the super huge Galaxy Note and an iPhone. There is no manual keyboard for the P1, so emails and texting will be accomplished on the virtual screen.

Le funzionalità senza fili del P1 Ascend sono poco meno di fantastico. Lo smartphone in grado di gestire tutte le modalità di Wi-Fi, 2G e 3G reti. Il portatile può inviare un segnale DLNA ad un monitor compatibile o la televisione, rendendo superflua un cavo HDMI. Insieme a questo, il telefono cellulare può essere utilizzato come un hotspot wireless, l'invio di un segnale internet ad altri dispositivi nelle vicinanze. Non non c'è alcuna diretta connessione Wi-Fi, ma ha fatto gettano in una FM Radio per informazioni locali.

When it comes to menus and programs, the Huawei Ascend P1 used the Google Android mobile operating system. This comes in the latest version, 4.0. This is known as "Ice Cream Sandwich" and should be one of the last versions of Android, doing away with the troublesome fragmentation issues. Version 4.0 is faster than the last 2.3 version so there should be little to no latency in the operation of this phone. The Android system is still vulnerable to malware attacks, thanks to the Android market setup. A good anti-malware software is good thinking for this smartphone. The browser in the P1 is able to handle Adobe flash files for superior web surfing pleasure.

The processor in the P1 smartphone is a screamer. It is dual core model that flies along at 1.5 gigahertz. It is made by Texas Instruments, not Qualcomm, for a change. It is accompanied by a PoverVR SGX540 GPU ( Graphical Processing Unit ). Huawei seems to be one of the few to use this specific GPU, so the performance is yet to be seen. Otherwise, the internal storage is rated for four gigabytes with the ability to add up to 32 gigabytes extra with an external flash card.

For the photo taking section, the P1 handset comes with an eight megapixel camera on the back and a 1.3 megapixel on the front. The rear camera has dual LED flash and autofocus features as well as the ability to take high definition video at 1080p standards. As you can see from the picture above, it comes in three colors, soft pink, ceramic white and black. The battery is medium in size and will not give a lot of hours of use if videos are played profusely. The P1 is a savvy smartphone and should be on the Verizon network shortly.

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