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    The phone I have is actually not on here so i had 2 just choose a random 1. my phone is the assurance wireless basic phone which is the kyocera jax (s 1300). I am having a problem with it. Every time i go to my balance page, a little phone comes up in the left upper corner with also 2 flags. one is upside down and they are next 2 eachother. it says that i am making a call and i am not. the screen keeps lighting up when these icons pop up and it makes the text tone. and i am not recieving any texts. the only way i can fix it each time it happens is 2 turn it off and then back on again. but i comes back every time i check my balance...plz help!!! they have tried reprogramming it and everything...nothing works

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    Re: assurance wireless question!!! please help!

    When you check your balance, believe it or not, the phone DOES make a phone call, but it's for data, not voice. It makes a call to connect you online, and then it transfers your balance via the web. The phone uses what is called a proxy server to restrict you from really accessing the web without paying the extra for the "real" web. The only web you have is for balance checking, and buying ringtones. But when you check your balance, it will do that. Mine does that too.

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    Re: assurance wireless question!!! please help!

    Hi. I know the original post is old, but the reply is not so I just wanted to put my two cents in. I see that Taz_Gurrl is from Michigan, djphatmac's location is not listed and I am from Connecticut so it may be that each state different as far as Assurance goes, not the cell phone itself and I will explain why. In Connecticut, the Assurance program is run through Virgin Mobile and from what I've encountered, has the same "rules" as a Virgin Mobile pre-paid. The reason I say it may be by state dj is because I have never been charged for checking my account balance and this goes for Assurance as well as the Virgin Mobile pre-paid. However, I have always been charged when checking my voicemail messages for both services. I have a trick to get around that either if you are home and have a landline or have access to someone's cell phone who has unlimited minutes. You use the other phone and call your cell. When it started ringing hit the ignore button and it will go straight to voicemail. Hit the star (*) button, enter your passcode and hit the pound (#) key. Now you can access your voicemail without being charged minute for it. Hope this was helpful.

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