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    I couldn't find information on this so thought I'd ask. Does anyone know if it's possible to turn a Tracfone or a T-mobile phone into a Net10 phone?

    I have three family members that want to switch over but we already have almost new phones and rather not buy new ones if we don't have to.

    Any comments welcome.


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    If Net10 operates on a GSM network then the answer would be no. I do believe that Tracfone still operates on a TDMA network & so all you would have to do is re-program the phone. T-Mobile operates on a GSM network & their phones are locked to work on their network.

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    The answer is NO, but for a different reason. Net10 and Tmobile operate on GSM. Tracphone operates on TDMA, CDMA, and GSM, depending on where you buy the phone, and on what plan. Net10 operates on both Tmobile and Cingular networks, and some they don't advetise. Reprogramming a TDMA tracphone wont enable it to work for Net10, which is GSM.

    The reason why no other phone will work with Net10 is that their phones use a special firmware that ties Net10 SIMs to Net10 phones, and this cannot be unlocked.

    You'll have to buy new Net10 phones for Net10 service.
    By the way Tracfone and Net10 are owned by the same company. The difference is Net10 is expensive phones with cheap minutes, where tracphone is cheap phones with expensive minutes. FYI, the firmware rule applies to GSM tracfones as well.

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    Re: Turn your Tracfone or Tmobile phone into Net10?

    there are a couple of Net10 phones that are TDMA/CDMA they are the Kyocera K126c and the LG 200c. I sell them both at the wal-mart I work at. (i have the K126c personaly.) neither one uses a sim card. just an fyi

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    Re: Turn your Tracfone or Tmobile phone into Net10?

    You'll have to buy new Net10 phones for Net10 service.

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    Re: Turn your Tracfone or T-Mobile phone into Net10?

    There is some incorrect info here. There are two basic cell phone technologies.

    1. time division - multiple phones can use the same frequency by giving each a short access time, then switching the tower to another phone etc. With time division each phone gets a one ten thousandth of a second of contact about 1000 times a second. They are in contact with the tower about 10% of the time. This is called time division multiple access (TDMA).
    TDMA was developed by Nokia. About 85% of cell phones world wide use TDMA. In N. America AT&T, T-Mobile and Rogers are the big TDMA suppliers. Other TDMA users piggy back on these companies. Curiously the time division principle was co-invented by hungarian-Hollywood actress Heddy Lamar. TDMA phones are also called GSM.

    2. Code division multiple access (CDMA). Developed by Qualcomm in San Diego. Each phone includes encryption hardware specific to the service supplier. Each phone call has unique encoding and cannot be detected by other phones. Phones have access to the tower continuously and through put is usually 3 to 5 times greater than with TDMA-GSM. This is important only if you use your cell to access high speed internet. Technology fixated societies (eg Japan and Korea) opted for the higher data rates of CDMA.

    TDMA phones have no service provider encryption hard ware. They can be unlocked and used with other service providers by changing the SIM card. Very convenient for international travel. TDMA phones are easier to scan/intercept. Time division has one serious drawback. Because of the limited time access to the tower the distance from the tower affects the duration of the contact. This relates to the speed of light. If you are more than 2 miles from the tower the signal deteriorates noticeably and at 10 miles or more you basically loose service as your phone shifts (clocks) into another time slot. TDMA-GSM requires more towers closer together. GSM service sucks in rural areas away from main roads.

    CDMA phones are hardware wired to their service providers. They cannot be unlocked.
    They are not distance sensitive and work over much longer distances and require fewer towers. They are harder to intercept/scan. Their data throughput is much greater. Sprint, verizon, Nextel Bell Telus use CDMA.

    Tracfone and Net 10 provide GSM-TDMA phones where service/access is available through AT&T or T-Mobile. They provide CDMA phones only where GSM is not available or weak.

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    Re: Turn your Tracfone or T-Mobile phone into Net10?

    Love Net10, you should try to get on it however you can. It's unlimited everything on LG900 which is a smartphone for 50 bucks a month, it's like half as expensive as iPhone. Great for a budget if you can't afford the big guys and they use ATT and Verizon towers as well.

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