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    Hi, I have a Nokia 9500 Communicator. I dropped it on the floor, the face plate and parts flew out and the orange wire strip that connects the bottom to the top face is sticking out.

    I have put it back together, and if I dial into it it rings so I know it is working, but the screens - both the small exterior one and the large one inside, no longer work. I need to get access to my text messages and addresses that are stored onto the phone so I can transfer them onto a sim card and save them onto a new phone, but I can't do it with a blank screen.

    Does anyone know what I can do or who can help fix it??? I am so upset over this, I have very important information I need access to. I went to 3 different cellphone stores today and nobody was able to help me

    Any advice??

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    Re: I dropped my phone and the screen is now blank!

    get it repaired..
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    Re: I dropped my phone and the screen is now blank!

    too bad

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