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    Quick Summary
    This informative post explains to readers why they should switch from AT&T to a Straight Talk GSM Nokia smartphone that uses AT&Ts 3G network to get just as good or in my experience better service then AT&T itself. If you have heard about slow internet with Straight talk it's other Straight Talk Phones use Verizon's 1G network which is as slow as molasses. It explains how much money you can save by getting Unlimited Minutes, Texts, Internet, Free 411 and even free tethering.

    Read on for a deal of a lifetime

    I made a account just so I could give you my opinion so you won't make a huge mistake. I have worked for Verizon and have had AT&T before. If your contract is over with AT&T then I totally suggest you going to the Nokia E71 with Straight Talk. If you have heard about Straight Talk before you might of heard the internet is slower than any other service provider. The reason behind this is because all the phone's when the company was introduced by TrakPhone uses Verizon's 1G Network which means the voice quality and signal strength is great but the internet is as slow as molasses. This fact probably gave Straight Talk a bad reputation at first but luckily they released two Nokia Smart Phones, The 6790 and E71, that just so happen to be GSM, and that uss AT&T's 3G network. Straight Talk even gave me an AT&T phone number. From the experience I've had with it the internet is faster than my old droid from Verizon and faster than my friends Iphone which to me doesn't make a bit of sense. 99.9 percent of the time I can hit play on a YouTube video and it will play all the way though without buffering, which is unheard of for any phone other than 4g I ever heard of. It also has Wi-Fi to make it even faster. Using the program that installs from the phone when you plug it in via micro-USB you can sync everything, send texts, share your phones internet connection anywhere your phone has reception which is excellent for students with laptops, and even download maps for the voice guided GPS software Ovi Maps. This is so your phone doesn't have to download the map of your area and reload every time you move a few miles while using GPS. It has an application store which is called the Ovi Store which has tons of different apps games, and ever name brand games like Pacman and Highspeed 3D that are free if you are willing to look at an ad before you start the game which is a concept in phones I've never heard of. You can buy the game if the ads bother you that much. Many third party applications like Google Maps are also available using the internet . I would recommend Straight Talk to anyone that uses a Smart Phone. Because 3G is a whole lot different than 1G I wouldn't recommend using a different Straight Talk phone unless you plan on just using the internet once in a while .
    Lets Compare The Plans
    Straight Talk Unlimited Everything Plan
    (1)Unlimited- Minutes, Text, Internet, Tethering and even free 411 Services

    (2)Price for phone $169.00 upfront for the Nokia E71 and $169.88 for the 6790
    (3)Monthly Service is $45.00 plus tax, here that's $2.70
    (4)Best of all it uses AT&T's National 3G Network and no contract!!!

    AT&T Unlimited Minute Plan Plus Features
    I choose two Blackberry phones, The Curve and Bold 9700 in my example because they are comparable to the Nokia E71 in features and I tried to choose the plan and features closest to Straight Talks $45 Unlimited Everything Plan.
    $69.99 Unlimited Minute Plan

    $20.00 Messaging Unlimited
    $25 for 2GB of internet usage plus $10 for each additional gb after that
    $45.00 4GB Tethering For Smartphones plus $10 for each gb that you go over
    The Bold is $649.99 for no contract, $299.99 after signing 2 year contract but it says you get an online discount of $299.98; The Curve is $379.99 for no contract, $29.99 after signing 2 year contract
    So the monthly cost of service would be $159.99 plus Government taxes and fees. Plus $1.99 for 411 service which is rediculas.
    The first bill you can expect a $36.00 activation fee, prorated bill for the service used before receiving the first bill and a bill for the next month
    And that's with 2GB Internet and 4GB Tethering; not even close to the unlimited Straight Talk Offers so there's a chance that price can go up by $10 dollars for each GB you go over. If you don't plan on using Tethering that price would be $45.00 less.

    The crazy fact in all this is Straight Talk uses the exact same 3G service and towers as AT&T.

    As of now they appear out of stock on StraightTalk.com and Walmart.com but if you go to Walmart's website you can check In-Store stocks at store near you and you might be able to find one. They are in stock at all the Walmart's near me. Hopefully AT&T isn't telling them they can't make anymore for their network.

    Nokia E71- Straight Talk Prepaid Cell Phone, Nokia E71 - Walmart.com
    Nokia 6790- Straight Talk Prepaid Cell Phone, Nokia 6790 - Walmart.com

    See More: Want AT&T quality service without the expensive price.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Want AT&T quality service without the expensive price.-nokia-e71-gray-duo.jpg   Want AT&T quality service without the expensive price.-nokia-ovi1.jpg   Want AT&T quality service without the expensive price.-straighttalk-1-300x300.jpg  
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