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Yes, you read that correctly. Very soon you will be able to recharge your phone using only water with the help of a little product called PowerTrekk. We got a chance to see them in person at Showstoppers in Las Vegas.

Fuel cells aren't anything new, but ones this small and portable are. myFC, of Stockholm Sweden, developed the PowerTrekk for people that don't have a consistent source of power and outdoor enthusiasts. Prior to the PowerTrekk the only alternative were other batteries or solar powered recharges. "PowerTrekk Water Charger gives your mobile phone power anywhere at any time", says Björn Westerholm, CEO at myFC. "From now on, you do not have to rely on having anelectricity grid nearby." Users simply insert the PowerTrekk puck (PowerPukk) and ordinary water to provide instant power (5V, 1000 mAh, or 2.5W to be exact). With a USB-A port you can hook up most cell phones and other compatible devices including cameras, gps units, and mp3 players.

What makes it work? The PowerPukk contains sodium solicide powder. When this powder is combined with water, it produces hydrogen. The hydrogen is then passed over what myFC calls its Proton Exchange Membrane, which then charges an internal 1600mAh buffer battery. If you are out of PowerPukks you can use the battery only until its power is depleted. We were also told that you could charge the internal battery with a solar charger, but if you have a solar charger, why not just charge your phone directly? Right.

The PowerTrekk only gives off a small amount of steam. The PowerPukks are environmentally friendly and can easily be disposed of once they are used.

How much can you get out of a single PowerPukk before needing a new one? A puck, when filled with water, has 4 watt hours of power. We were told that this is enough to charge a completely dead iPhone once.

The PowerTrekk will be available sometime in May for $199. The PowerPukks come in a pack of 3 and will sell for $12 (or $4 each). Comparatively this is cheaper than buying and charging multiple batteries, but is it worth being able to charge your phone with water? That's up to you to decide.

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