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The fragile smartphone display is getting the attention of the Samsung company. Technology has gotten to the place where a smartphone display can be twisted, folded and abused, yet it will not be destroyed. Just like that Energizer© bunny, they keep going and going. Samsung is the big producer of this type of display and it looks like they will be arriving before the end of the year, maybe on a smartphone already being talked about, the "Galaxy Skin".

If you can imagine dropping your smartphone really hard, yet not breaking it, you can imagine one of these crazy screens from Samsung. It bends, twists, turns, spirals and writhes, but does not lose a pixel. They are sealed into the display somehow and fail to spill their guts with all the different contortions. This is what is coming to smartphones from the "land of the morning calm". Samsung has been busy with their AMOLED creations and is teasing the world with the upcoming release of them soon.

Samsung calls these new screens, "YOUM", and they are tough and flexible. The Samsung Electronics Chairman, Kwon Oh-Hyun, has reported that they are now receiving a large number of orders for the YOUM. It is assumed that Apple is one of those customers, since Samsung makes a large percentage of what is actually in an iPhone. The iPhone 4 had a whopping 26 percent of its parts created by Samsung manufacturers. The news from Chairman Kwon is that Apple is a targeted customer, so it is nearly a sure thing to see a flexible display on an iPhone in the future. The suggestion from the Chairman created a new code name for the upcoming iPhone, the "iPhone Yoga". Apple is one of the most hush-hush companies in the world about their future releases, but the rumors are lively Banter for the internet spies.

At first these flexible Samsung displays will not be very powerful. The expected resolution for the first models will only be 480 by 800 pixels. As they are adopted more by the public, they will be upped in clarity. There is no doubt an iPhone will not go down in clarity, so the future iPhone screen using this technology will be a sight to behold. Stay tuned for that model, as it will be a large event. Having a "retina screen" that bends like a rubber band will be quite a sight.

Samsung is winding down with the making of their LCD smartphone screens. The old technology used more battery power and did not reflect dark colors as well as AMOLED. These YOUMs will not only have vivid colors, but will not slurp up battery juice like the LCD models. Soon you will be able to put your smartphone in your back pocket and not have to worry about breaking the screen, thanks to Samsung.
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