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    I am trying to make the switch to a smartphone and am contemplating what carrier to go with. I currently have MetroPCS but they don't provide a lot of options in the smartphone arena.

    I am considering between Virgin Mobile and Simple Mobile. Virgin is on the Sprint network, which is nice, but I switched to them for a month once and didn't have a great experience. Simple Mobile allows me to bring in my own unlocked T-mobile phone, but I haven't heard too much about them, if there coverage is wide and reliable. I think Virgin Mobile is on a CDMA network while Simple Mobile is on GSM (which I heard is better for data usage). Both have comparable plan pricing and phones that I like at around the same prices.

    I want to use my phone mainly for data (e-mail, social networks) and text. Does anyone have any insight into these two accounts and which may be better for my needs? Thanks!

    P.S. I bought an HTC MyTouch 4G for Simple Mobile (though I can still return it). Do you think that would be an alright one to run with Simple Mobile? Or would it just be a safer option to go with Virgin (with a Motorola Triumph)?

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    Re: What carrier should I go with: Virgin Mobile or Simple Mobile?

    If you are looking to use the phone for data go VM. SM has a very low data limit compared to VM.
    However. Straight Talk now has their Android out. Samsung Precedent. Runs on Sprints network. 149.99 for the phone, no contract and 45.00 a month unlimited everything. Note....there is a limit on every network. They just call it unlimited because it fells like it compared to what you pay for under contract. I have two ST phones, one is the Android. It is a little more manual that most Androids but it works well so long as you are in a good Sprint calling area.

    Hope this helps.

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