How-To access the web browser:

1. Press the "Apps" icon on your Home screen then select "Internet".
2. Tap the URL box found at the top of the screen.
3. Type in your search criteria or the webpage address you wish to visit.
4. While on a webpage you are able to access additional options such as:

- Accessing more options for a link by tapping and holding your finger on it.
- Sending a mail by tapping an on-screen email address.
- Switching to "Reading mode" by tapping the "full screen" icon if available. This option will make banners, menus and backgrounds disappear from the webpage.
- Viewing the full version of the website by pressing the "Menu" icon and selecting "View desktop site".

How-To: Open and Switch Between Browser Tabs.

To open a new browser tab:

1. Press "Tabs" while on a webpage.
2. Select "New Tab".

To switch between browser tabs:

1. Press "Tabs".
2. Swipe the screen to the left or right to browse between opened tabs then tap the one you wish to switch to.

NOTE*: To close a browser tab press the "X" button at the top-right corner of the tab.

How-To: Add and Mange Bookmarks.

To add a bookmark:

1. While viewing the webpage you wish to bookmark tap "Add to".
2. Select the "Bookmarks" folder or create a new one by tapping the "more" icon depicted as a triangle pointing downwards then select "New folder".
3. Type in a name for the bookmark if you desire.
4. Press "Done".

Opening a Bookmark.

1. While browsing the web press "Bookmarks".
2. Browse through your saved bookmarks then tap the one you wish to open.

Editing a Bookmark:

1. Tap "Bookmarks" while on a webpage.
2. Press the "Menu" icon then select "Edit".
3. Press the "Edit" icon found at the right of the bookmark you wish to edit.
4. Perform the necessary changes then press "Done".

How-To: Sync Your HTC One S with Google Chrome Bookmarks.

Before being able to sync your handset with your computer's browser, you need to be signed in with your Google account and have the Google Chrome sync options appropriately set. Note that only bookmarks saved while logged in on your Google account are synced with your HTC One S.

To sync your HTC One S with Google Chrome:

1. Open the Notification panel on your Home screen.
2. Tap the "Settings" icon depicted as a gear.
3. Press "Account & sync".
4. Select your Google account then select the "Sync Internet" option.

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