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    Re: Best place to buy cell phone accessories??

    ebay is the best place

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    Re: Best place to buy cell phone accessories??

    You can usually find the best prices on Ebay although you have to be careful when not buying from an actual cell phone manufacturer or carrier because their are a ton of fakes out there. I myself have ordered a Motorola bluetooth headset recently that ended up being a fake and of very poor quality.

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    Re: Best place to buy cell phone accessories??

    as matter of fact,it is really very hard to anwer your question, because many good supplier include us just give customers good quality cellphone parts, but only maybe higher price. if you buy a lower price with high quality original cellphone parts, that only god can tell you it is true.

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    Re: Best place to buy cell phone accessories??

    Quote Originally Posted by meeko_fett View Post
    So where does everyone buy their cell phone accessories at? I am sure that the best deals are online but which store is best? What I mean by best is: the best value overall. Of course price is probably the biggest fator but other things to take into account are shipping prices and time for shipment, quality of packaging, largest selection and best customer service. I need to buy a case, charger, data cable and maybe a screen protector and car mount. What do you think of the Cellular Factory Wholesale? They seem to be pretty reasonable and legit but I have never ordered from there. In the past I probably would have said eBay but I want to buy everything all at once so I can save on shipping and I also noticed that lately that isnt the place to go for the best deal. Plus some of the sellers are a bit shady sometimes!
    Hi, You have lots of options to buy cell phone accessories online. you have accessorygeeks.com, cromaretail.com , ezeekart.com & many more sites. These offers the best deals.


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    Re: Best place to buy cell phone accessories??

    In my point of view,ebay is the best place to buy cell phone accessories.

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    Re: Best place to buy cell phone accessories??

    My picks..

    MexiRicanNative...Princesa!! I'm a spicy mix! lol

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    Re: O melhor lugar para comprar acessórios para celular?

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