The SPV E610 is not very attractive, the screen seems a little squeezed and the colour scheme is not very original.

The numeric keys are a little on the fiddly side. The novel mouse pointer only adds to the joyous web experience, while the shortcut keys are all ideally located for a quick press of the thumb.

The battery life is fairly good, and with no Wi-Fi or 3G, you should be able to work for a couple of days between charges.

The E610 may not have a touch-screen, but it does have a decent QWERTY keyboard. The keys are tall, thin lozenges, which are angled away from an imaginary line running down the centre of the device.

This gives the E610 a distinctive look, and perhaps more importantly does seem to help with speedy typing. We aren’t suggesting you’ll turn into a mega-words-a-minute typist, but we did find this keyboard easier to use than some.

Specifications of HTC SPV E610

Product type Smart phone


Form factor Candy-bar

Available colours Grey, Silver

Screen size 0.2 in.

Camera resolution 2 megapixels

Weight 125 g

To unlock HTC SPV E610 we need only IMEI number, rest is written below:

1. go to and choose Your HTC model or go directly to unlock by code HTC SPV E610
2. press "Unlock HTC SPV E610"
3. Choose unlock product for Your HTC ( in some cases only one product is available )
4. Enter your HTC IMEI number and if needed other required information.
5. press "order code"
6. at shopping cart fill all needed information like name, e-mail and others
7. Pay for an unlock code
8. after average time (check how much it takes for chosen product) You will receive all codes and unlock guide to Your HTC SPV E610 .

How to enter unlock code to HTC SPV E610 ?

To enter unlock code for HTC just insert another operator sim card and enter the unlock code.

Sometimes it is also required HARD RESET.

After unlock Your HTC SPV E610 You can use it with any sim card.
The HTC SPV E610 can be easily unlock with us.
What You can do if Your HTC SPV E610 work only with one sim card ? You can unlock it using
Unlock code will be sent to email, and your HTC will be permanently Unlocked to work on any GSM Carrier, and you can use any sim card operators such as Movistar, Rogers, O2, Orange, T-mobile, Vodafone, Telenor, Telia, Hutchison, Telenor etc.

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