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    I was cheated by T-Mobile and have had no luck trying to resolve the issue. I signed up for a year of pre-paid service and they cut me off after four months. I only used my phone a few times (less than 30 minutes worth). Does anyone know how to contact someone at this corporation who can conduct a reasonable discussion? I've called the 800 number at least five times, and been hung up on twice, could not understand the accent, and been told they would issue a refund but they never did. Initiating a lawsuit against a giant corporation seems fruitless, but it's worth a try. Please help... thanks!

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    Re: legal action?

    Why did they cut you off?

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    Re: legal action?

    They said I signed up for a 90-day plan, which is not true--- I paid $100 for one year/1000 minutes in Oct. 2011. After two months of service I asked them to give me a different # because I was getting tons of calls and messages from people I didn't know. The new # was worse, so I changed back. That was about the same time T-Mobile says I "signed up for a 90-day plan"... at least, I THINK that's what the rep ("manager") said; the voice was fast and strongly accented, very hard to understand. In Feb. I had 952 minutes left, in Mar. I had none, with NO phone usage.

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    Re: legal action?

    Perhaps they switched plans by accident (or intentionally?) when you switched phone numbers. It sounds to me like someone at T-mobile made a mistake and doesn't want to admit to it.

    I know that's not really advice, but maybe you could bring it up if you talk to T-Mobile again...?

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