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    I had my phone a montha and it is not responding, cant receive voicemails, the numbered keys don't respond when you are doing prompts maera is acting crazy screens jump around absolutely no internet connection. Then I got it to work for a minute and updated PRL and profile and I could then reach sprint. Then next day it went crtazy again. HELP

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S3: Galaxy S III went crazy

    Did you recently install some software that would have caused this?

    I would back up everything you want to save and do a factory reset.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S3: Galaxy S III went crazy

    Definitely do a factory reset. Be sure to back up stuff on it beforehand (if you can) since restoring it will wipe everything off it. But it's likely that you downloaded and installed something that caused this, or perhaps you got a virus (yes it's possible). Get back to us once you've done this.

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