Are you switching from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy Note II and want to know how to transfer your contacts? Well, itís easiter than you think! Just follow this simple step-by-step guide to learn how.

First of all you need to have the latest version of iTunes installed on your PC and a Google account. If you donít have one already, you can create an account now, itís really quick.

Transferring Your Contacts via iTunes

1. Open iTunes on your PC.
2. Then use the USB cord to connect your iPhone to the computer.
3. Go to your devices list on iTunes, select the desired iPhone.
4. Next you need to click on the Info tab.
5. From the Sync Contacts with option, select either Google Address BookContacts or Google Contacts.
6. In the Google ID field, enter your Gmail address.
7. In the Password field, enter your password.
8. Then click OK.
9. And weíre done! The contacts of your iPhone should be synchronized with your Samsung Galaxy Note II.

It should only take a few minutes for the contacts to be completely synced on the Galaxy Note II. In case you didnít add a Gmail account on your Note II yet or the syncing option is disabled, follow the next steps to learn how to add a new Google account or manually sync your accounts.

Setting Up a Google Account

1. Go to the Home screen and tap the Menu key.
2. Then tap Settings -> select Add account -> tap Google.
3. Select Existing.
4. Then, in the corresponding fields, enter your Gmail address and password and tap Next.
5. At this point youíll see a prompt asking you to join Google +. Tap Not now or Join Google + if you wish to create a G+ account.
6. Tap Not now once again.
7. Youíll receive a prompt about backup and restore, enable or disable this option as desired and then tap Next.
8. Congratulations! Your Google account has now been set up.

Manually Syncing your Gmail Accounts

1. Go to the Home screen and tap Apps -> select Gmail and choose Sync.
2. Your contacts should be synced in just a few minutes.

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