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    Here is a list of the Galaxy S4 notification icons and what they mean:

    No signal
    Signal strength
    Roaming (outside of normal service area)
    Connected to GPRS network
    Connected to EDGE network
    Connected to UMTS network
    Connected to HSDPA network
    Connected to HSPA+ network
    Wi-Fi AP connected
    Bluetooth activated
    GPS based service in use
    Call in progress
    Missed call
    Air gesture feature activated
    Smart screen feature activated
    Synced with the web
    Connected to computer via USB
    No SIM or USIM in use
    New text or mms message
    Alarm activated
    Silent mode (mute)
    Silent mode activated (vibrate)

    Flight mode activated (all antennas off)
    Error occurred or caution required
    Battery power level

    Keep in mind that this is only the stock list of icons and you may see others that are added by installed applications.

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    Re: Galaxy S4 Notification/status bar icons and what they mean

    Thanks a lot...a life saver

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    Re: Galaxy S4 Notification/status bar icons and what they mean

    This is part of the VisiHow on how to use the Samsung Galaxy S4. You can visit the main VisiHow on how to USE SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 for a full list of S4 VisiHow Articles
    Do you have some applications on your Galaxy S4 that are useful and entertaining, yet annoy you by bombarding you with notifications? Do you consider it such a nuisance that you have thought of uninstalling it, yet the need for the application keeps you from doing it? If this is your case, then you may have just accepted the issue and convinced yourself to deal with it. What you may not know is that there is a way to have these applications on your device minus the annoying notifications.

    Read through this whole article to learn how to get rid of these bothersome notifications. Some notification messages are important, like a notification that you have a short message, or a notice that you just missed a call. Some are plainly a nuisance and disturbing. You do not want to receive a notification that your virtual pet is hungry or needs a bath, unless you are really into taking good care of that cuddly-creature-on-phone. You also do not want to be disturbed by those advertisements created by one of your applications.

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    Re: Galaxy S4 Notification/status bar icons and what they mean

    Text automatically translated from: Portuguese to: English

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