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    Long story short my Tracfrone has dialed 911 approximatley 9 times in 1 year and this is when the phone is on lock....on 8 of those occasions they understood and that was that, so I never did anything about it, Well yesterday it happened....the phone pocket dialed, I didnt answer, so they called again, I answered, the police man did not care about my story, he wanted my name and address......he thought I was in danger....at the time by boyfriend and I were eating dinner.....so the policeman shows up......I guess assuming my BF was harming me....the policeman did about everything to him minus the cavity search....so i guess you can see my urgency on this matter.....someday he will look back on this and laugh.....lol....but if it happens again, I will be very single.....

    Thank you

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    Re: Samsung SGH-T101G: Help I keep calling 911

    Are you keeping the phone in your pocket? I would suggest moving it somewhere else, or getting a phone that doesn't so easily dial 911. At least with Android phones you can install call confirm software to prevent pocket dialing.

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