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    I recently acquired the Samsung Comeback T559 and have been encountering some issues with the front, smaller, LCD screen. When I first purchased it, it was used and there were 2-3 horizontal black lines on the very top of the screen. I was able to ignore them for awhile, since I could still read the time it didn't bother me. Now, over the last 2 weeks that I've had the phone, more and more horizontal black lines (run from one side of screen to other) have appeared. They all are on the top 1/4 of the screen, and now I can't even read the time or my battery charge.

    What's strange to me is that if I press down on the screen (works best on the lower half of screen) the lines disappear and I can read everything just fine. This makes me think it is just a bad connection somewhere, and I might not have to replace the whole screen.

    Would just like to get some opinions/input on my problem. Thanks.

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    Re: Comeback T559 - Black Lines on Screen, Disappear When Screen is Pushed Down

    The connection between the screen and the 'motherboard' is coming apart. You'll have to take it to get repaired or get a new one.

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