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    Hello everyone.
    I want to buy a new phone and I'm stuck between Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the HTC One.Next, I will tell you what I like and what I don't like about these 2 smartphones.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

    I like the specs.I mean with 3 GB Ram and a quad-core/octo-core of 2,3 GHZ who wouldn't ? I also like the S-Pen a lot but I'm not sure I will use him on a daily basis.
    What I don't quite like is the screen size.I understand that it is a phablet, but I think it will be awkward to hold a phone of that size at my ear.

    HTC One

    Here, I like the design a lot, I think it has the best design on the market, it is very elegant and classy.The aluminium is also a big plus, compared to Samsung's plastic.The screen size it's perfect and I don't see how you will make a bad impression with such a nice phone in your hand.
    What I don't like is that you can't remove the battery so if you damage it you can get rid of the phone, and I also don't like that it doesn't have a slot for the memory card.

    Here in Romania, the Note 3 is aprox. 965 $ while the HTC One is 785 $, which is a big difference if you ask me.

    So, does the Samsung deserve all the praise and the extra 200 $ ? To be honest with you, I'm not that rich and I can't afford a phone this expensive every year or every two years, so my fear is that if I buy the HTC, in a two years time the phone won't be able to support the new applications anymore.The Note 3 comes like I said with 3 GB Ram and a strong processor, so I think that the era of 2 GB Ram phones will come to an end, like it happened to the 1 GB Ram phones also, and I also think that the Note 3 is a road opener for the next generation of smartphones.Am I right here or it is just a stupid affirmation ?

    Please take your time because I really need some good pieces of advice, thanks to everyone who will read and answer to this.

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    Re: Note 3 or Htc One?

    If I were between the two I would get the HTC One, but that's mainly because I don't want a screen as large as the Note 3 and I don't want to pay that much for a phone.

    Other reasons:
    - The one physically looks better IMO.
    - There's a two year warranty on the battery
    - How often do you switch memory cards in the phone? I almost never do, and if I need to clear space I'll just plug the phone into my computer.

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    Re: Note 3 or Htc One?

    The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is indeed slightly more powerful than the HTC One, but that slight difference in performance might not matter if your overall experience with the handset is unpleasant.

    From my experience, if you don't really find a use for the S-Pen and all the software features that go along with the stylus, then the Note 3 (or the Note in general) might not be the right phone for you. More so, in terms of design the Note 3 is closer to a notebook (as in classic notebook) than any other previous Notes. Samsung has really pushed this idea of a digital notebook / sketchbook etc, and if that's not what you're looking for, then you may find the stylus redundant, the size too big, the design not appropriate for your style etc.

    In other words, the Note 3 is pretty awesome, but it is more of a niche device, and as long as you're not really that interested in this niche / type of device, then you may regret buying it for the sake of that extra power.

    Does the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 deserve the higher price? I think it does, given the extra features, size etc. but as long as those features are not useful to you, then no. You'll pay extra for something that you won't use.

    It's up to you

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    Re: Note 3 or Htc One?

    I also have the HTC one and I am taking a good look at the Note 3.

    I like my HTC One. I like the 2 front (some say its a gimmick) speakers. It makes Skype a joy! I like the aluminum at the back. It screen is just right. I wish it has removable battery & sd. But I am always fully charged so I dont have to worry. For storage I use ftp from home or cloud.

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    Re: Note 3 or Htc One?

    HTC for me ...

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    Re: Note 3 or Htc One?

    HTC One is a nice and more advanced smart phone note 3 is much more advanced and it has more features, options. It gives full authority to t he user to explore the new things and enjoy the advanced features of Galaxy Note 3.

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    Re: Note 3 or Htc One?

    I think HTC one is more value of money.

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    Re: Note 3 or Htc One?

    of course i like Note 3 better,which has better battery life and bigger screen.

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    Re: Note 3 or Htc One?

    I love my HTC one so far and there's no doubt about it.

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    Re: Note 3 or Htc One?

    Personally I prefer HTC One.

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