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  7. How-to: HTC Explorer / Pico: Install Android 4.4 CM 11 ROM (Unofficial CM Release) (CWM and TWRP Methods)
  8. How-to: HTC Desire S: Install Android 4.3.1 Jelly Bean Carbon ROM
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  14. HTC EVO 4G: Use SD card as default storage
  15. HTC One DLNA Media Streaming
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  18. How-to: Transfer Contacts from an iPhone to the HTC One Mini
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  20. How-to: HTC One Mini: Use HTC Sync Manager to Transfer Files / Sync Between Your Handset and PC (iPhone too)
  21. How-to: HTC One Mini: Back Up and Restore Data, Contacts, Messages and Dictionaries
  22. How-to: Transfer Contacts from another Phone (iPhone/Android/BlackBerry/WP) to Your One Mini
  23. How-to: HTC One Mini: Tips and Tricks to Increase Battery Life
  24. How-to: HTC One Mini: Managing and Using Your 23 GB of Free Dropbox Storage
  25. How-to: HTC One Mini: Customizing Your Device With Ringtones, Home Screens, Widgets and More
  26. How-to: HTC One Mini: Manage and Use the Sense "Mail" App
  27. How-to: HTC One Mini: Enable, Mange Bluetooth Connectivity and Receive Files via Bluetooth
  28. How-to: HTC One Mini: Send, Forward, Reply To, and Manage Text and Multimedia Messages
  29. How-to: HTC One Mini: Add and Manage Contacts and Groups
  30. HTC 8X: Software build
  31. How-to: HTC One Mini: Set Up and Mange Wi-Fi Connectivity
  32. HTC One or Sony Xperia ZR?
  33. HTC vs Samsung
  34. messaging settings
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  36. Unlock: Free unlock codes for your HTC Mobile phones
  37. How-to: HTC Desire 500: Useful Tips for Everyday Use
  38. How-to: HTC Desire 500: Everything You Need to Know About Browsing the Web
  39. How-to: HTC Desire 500: Use HTC Sync Manager to Back Up and Transfer Files
  40. safemode
  41. How-to: HTC Desire 500: Hard Reset via Settings or Hardware Keys
  42. How-to: HTC Desire 500: Backup and Restoring Content Using HTC Backup
  43. Unlocking Your HTC HD7 with Free Unlock Codes At www.freeunlocks.com
  44. How-to: HTC Desire 500: Add, Manage and Remove Accounts for Online Syncing
  45. How-to: HTC Desire 500: Messages - Sending, Replying, Forwarding, Managing Attachments and More
  46. How-to: HTC Desire 500: Enable and Manage Bluetooth Connectivity
  47. Info: The HTC 8XT vs the Samsung Galaxy Grand
  48. How-to: HTC Desire 500: Manage Data Connections / Usage, Connect to VPN, Enabling Hotspot
  49. How-to: HTC Desire 500: Wi-Fi Connectivity – Connecting, Printing
  50. Unlock: The process of unlocking a HTC mobile phone for FREE
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