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    Hi, here's my question...
    I have an account and phone with US Cellular. I purchased a US Ceulllar branded phone on eBay from a retailer named Battery Mania.

    The phone is brand new unopened. (Metalic Pink Motorola V3c Razr)

    The phone is branded as a US Cellular phone. When I turn it on, it says US Cellular, and has all the US Cellular logos and options including Easyedge. I also called "611" and got US Cellular customer USING the brand new phone phone
    . US Cellular wouldn't activate, or couldn't activate my brand new phone.
    My problem is, did I just waste $200 on a brand new Pink Razr, or is there a way to switch my current phone line through US Cellular from the old phone to my new one? I want my new phone to be the same number as my pld phone.
    If anyone has any ideas PLEASE i will be in your debt forever!


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    Re: US Cellular phone switching??

    Yea..U call U.S. Cellular and give them your account information and the serial number of the razr....and they will transfer your account over to the razr.........it will be a $15 charge on your bill for that though

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    Re: US Cellular phone switching??

    I did it too with no problems. Just call them up. US Cellular rocks!

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    Re: US Cellular phone switching??

    U never stated what the reason was the Cust Service gave for not activating it

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